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Seguitte sopra a Facebook è un tormento!
Che vorrà dì 'sta citazzione audace?
E che significa er collegamento
A sta canzone, ché nun me do pace?

C'hai sempre 'ntorno a te 'n assembramento!
Da dove spunta mo st'antro seguace?
E tu, quanno ha postato quer commento,
Dovevi proprio metteje er "mi piace"?

Ma quanno finarmente ce se vede
Nu' riesco più a pensà gnente de male
Mentre te tengo stretta a me abbracciata

E tutto quanto quello che succede
Su 'sta cazzo de piazza virtuale
Me pare solamente 'na stronzata

Obama viaj a Milwaukee

Obama viaj a Milwaukee (Wisconsin) para participar en un acto de recaudacin de fondos y un mitin electoral, en su primer viaje al estado desde febrero pasado, como parte de su esfuerzo por repetir all su victoria de 2008.En un mitin electoral ante unos 18.000 partidarios, y bajo una intensa llovizna, Obama reiter su promesa de crear un milln de empleos en el sector manufacturero, que en el caso de Wisconsin ha sido golpeado en aos recientes."El camino que ofrezco no ser rpido ni fcil. Tomar algunos aos resolver los retos que se han acumulado durante dcadas.
In one of his earliest roles, he played a spoiled prep school student in Scent of a Woman in 1992. One of his breakthrough roles came as a gay member of a porno film crew in Boogie Nights, one of several movies directed by Paul Thomas Anderson that he would eventually appear in..
The Westphalian horse is probably one of the most well known warmblood breeds, next to the Hanoverian Warmblood. Its studbook population is second only to that of the Hanoverians in size, and like the Hanoverian, it features only those horses which meet its exacting standards.
Why not give yourself the elegance of an antique style vanity in your bedroom? These sets often come with mirrors attached, and small drawers for all your makeup and perfumes. You can display your favorite beauty products on a small tray on the vanity; and the table will also come with a small stool to help you get ready in the morning.
Advanced concepts that come with the development of offensive awareness include instructing players on the fast break, pick and roll, and triple threat position. A fast break occurs when one team takes advantage of the opposing team's missed shot by catching the defense off guard and quickly pushing the ball up the court to take a briefly uncontested and high percentage shot.
In room kitchen amenities include stovetops, microwaves and cookware/dishes/utensils, allowing you to save on dining expenses while you travel. A good night's sleep in supportive pillowtop mattresses with premium bedding will have visitors waking up refreshed and well rested throughout their holiday or business trip..
Then there security: with a PayPass credit card, you have to enter your PIN if the transaction value is over a certain threshold ($50 usually). With Google Wallet, no matter the value of the transaction (even for a cup of coffee), you need to unlock the phone (which 67% of users don password protect), get past the Google Wallet PIN and voila, you have access to every credit card, voucher, and ticket on the phone.
Today, while Ramesh heads an enterprise with a market cap of US dollars 3 billion, there are many others who had settled down there over the last three decades, making their own mark. What makes Ramesh story more interesting is that it started in a typical middle class home in Perambur, which is still not considered among the more happening localities of the city.
Knowledge tempers emotion and action. I was driving along I 66 marveling over how well the A3 2.0 TDI handled, even in crosswinds so wonderfully stable! It danced around curves in Shenandoah National Park and performed wonderfully well until I reached the Hightop Mountain area of Skyline Drive, 3,637 feet above sea level, where the car began wheezing..
It would be a stretch to say they now loved the snow, and I don't expect them to make snow angels any time soon, but they at least now will walk outside in the snow and let off some of their energy. Errol (now that's what I call a name for a dog) is hugely lucky to have such a fabulous life..
Taking this all together, the strong top line increase and an operating margin expansion of 30 basis points to 8.4% has yielded a perfect first half, with earnings growth of 19%, just shy of 350 million. Looking deeper in the top line, sales grew at double digit rates in nearly all regions in the first six months.

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