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It's hard to keep track of

It's hard to keep track of everything Kendall Jenner wears as she dashes around Fashion Week. But often enough, a really striking outfit catches our eye. That was the case when she headed to the Michael Kors show on day seven, wearing Zuhair Murad flares with a groovy print. With the addition of a black silk camisole, we red bottoms shoes were instantly reminded of one of Amal Clooney's best looks to date. The power woman once wore similar trousers, though hers were by Giambattista Valli.Kendall and Amal both knew to keep things simple up top, though Kendall executed a second styling trick by layering red bottom shoes christian louboutin with a white tee. Accessories were minimal: oversize sunglasses and a chainstrap bag that could fit all the essentials. Read on to get a look at both sophisticated ladies in their printed pants, then shop inspired pieces that will not only get you noticed christian louboutin shoes but help you make the transition from Summer to Fall.It can be damn hard to keep up with everything that's going on at Fashion Week. Our feeds are filled with twice the snaps, and every look, every street style accessory, every front-row sighting red bottoms shoes on sale seems exciting. This season, we're taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. What moments from NYFW truly mattered? What shows, controversies, and industry shifts will we remember not only through London, Milan, and Paris, but far into the future? Read on christian louboutin outlet for all the happenings that really got us talking. And remember, if you lost your way in all the style madness this week, the major takeaways live right here.The models' Margot Tenenbaum vibes would be the immediate takeaway from one glance at the louboutin sale Libertine Spring 2017 runway. But it's worth taking that second look. The artists behind NYFW powerhouse brand CND put 300 hours into crafting the 25 wild, whimsical, and completely unique nail designs for the show.Each model received a "split-style" manicure, meaning each hand had christian louboutin a different theme. Focusing on the show's inspiration of the '70s and '80s punk-rock scene, the CND team added Victorian-era and new-wave-themed accents to every look. "Furry slipper"-esque fabric, dog heads, tassels, gold chains, seed beads, and more all made their way onto fingertips, red sole shoes christian louboutin resulting in edgy, eye-catching styles. Read on to see all of the incredible manicure masterpieces.When Victoria Beckham took a bow at her Spring 2017 runway show, we completely lost sight of the sexy style she used to maintain. Gone are the days of louboutin shoes Posh; it's time for a walk down easy street. Of course, her new collection reflected that. Not one of her models wore heels, but functional boots instead, similar to the city-chic slides Victoria has been wearing in the days leading up to her show.While red bottoms shoes Victoria's offering luxurious fabrics like velvet and satin next season, she's perfectly fine in linen trousers and a crisp button-down herself. The look is laid-back but subtly polished thanks to black accents — a simple sash and those shiny new sandals. They might as red bottom shoes for women well be slippers. Yes, Victoria really is that comfortable at New York Fashion Week.London Fashion Week is nearing — and with it, a slew of street style outfits christian louboutin sale to inspire your wardrobe for the next season. But how does the capital always manage to look so cool? Five of its residents share their tricks.

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