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Ho chiesto in libbreria un suggerimento
Pe' pià un libbro da leggeme pe' svago
Dice: "Vedrai che resterai contento:
Comprete questo qua de Saramago!"

Madonna! Da buttasse dentro un lago
Pe' l'angoscia er dolore e lo sgomento!
Ma posso soffrì tanto quanno pago
Un libbro preso pe' intrattenimento?

Dice: "Ma è un libbro che te fa riflette!"
Rifletto che era mejo se compravo,
Se volevo penà, du' scarpe strette!

Dice: "Ma ha vinto er Nobbel!" Perché è bravo
A nun volè più usà le virgolette?
Sai io li carci in culo che je davo?


The first lady knows her

The first lady knows her fashion — and how not to mess up a meeting at the Vatican with the wrong outfit.Melania Trump, a former model, Coach Outlet Store Online opted for a veil and a long-sleeve black dress from Dolce and Gabbana that fell over her knees for President Trump’s first face-to-face meeting with Pope Francis on Wednesday.Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, also wore a black veil and a long, dark dress.Both women Coach Outlet Online were faulted for not covering their heads over the weekend when the president visited Saudi Arabia, where women are required to remain covered while in public.The first lady’s spokeswoman said there were different protocols in place.“Per Vatican protocol, women who have an audience Longchamp Outlet with the Pope are required to wear long sleeves, formal black clothing, and a veil to cover the head,” Stephanie Grisham said in a statement to several media outlets.There was no such protocol in place during the Saudi Arabia visit.The US Embassy to Longchamp Sale the Vatican lists the appropriate dress code for a visit.“No shorts, short skirts or sleeveless shirts when entering St. Peter’s Basilica or when attending a Papal event in St. Peter’s Square,” it says.Guess these celebs aren’t afraid of coffee stains.White jeans are Michael Kors Outlet Clearance hitting their perennial peak, and stars are breaking theirs out like there’s no tomorrow — or like it’s Labor Day tomorrow.Though most opt for the usual skinny-fits, there are a few quirky pairs. Most noteworthy are the kind-of-weird but kind-of-cool detachable pant-shorts, worn coach purses by Bella Hadid and her sister Gigi.The jeans in question are by Paris-based label Y/Project. Bella donned them first, with a python belt and white Dior T-shirt, in a photoshoot for Elle France’s May issue. Then, in June, Gigi stepped out in the michael kors purses same pair, but blinged her look out with Jacquie Aiche jewels and a slinky pair of Aquazzura heels.Click through the gallery above for five celeb-approved ways to style white denim. It’s not the freshest trend, but it’s a classic — and we’re quite Coach Outlet all white with it.Divorce doesn’t have to be ugly — if you’ve got the budget. “My tagline is, ‘There’s no ugly women, just lazy ones,’ which is also Coco Chanel’s quote,” New York image consultant Amanda Sanders told The Post. “But it’s Coach Purses true.” Sanders charges $250 an hour to give newly single women a sexy new look — and a big boost in confidence — after their split. “If you can afford me, I’m your fairy godmother,” she said, adding that her services are the Longchamp least expensive part of the process. A new wardrobe for clients can cost as much as $15,000, cosmetics $4,000 and services like teeth whitening $1,000. Sanders’ newest client, Jen, who chose not to share her last name, said the price is worth it coach outlet online now that she’s separated from her is entering the fashion subscription-box business.Sure, the e-commerce giant shook the supermarket world Friday when it unveiled its takeover of Whole Foods — but on Tuesday, it revealed its latest foray into that other realm michael kors outlet online of day-to-day living: clothing. And like last week with grocers, its latest move hit clothing retailers hard.Prime Wardrobe, as Amazon calls it, is an attempt to bolster its fashion business as it tries to win over shoppers’ closets. Amazon Prime subscribers can choose Coach Outlet Store Online three or more pieces of clothing, shoes or accessories to fill their boxes, which arrive at their doorstep.They then have a week to try on the items and decide what to keep and what to ship back to Amazon.Amazon is using this twist Coach Bags on the subscription-box phenomenon as part of a broader effort to grab people’s attention when they buy clothes. The online retailer is developing its own stable of fashion labels to sell suits, dresses, lingerie and more.Amazon’s wardrobe quest hasn’t been entirely smooth. It Coach Bags canceled a short-lived fashion TV show, “Style Code Live,” which attempted to integrate shopping and live television.And brands have been wary about selling on Amazon due to concerns about counterfeit products sold on the site, which lets almost anyone post products after completing Coach Factory Outlet an online registration process.With Amazon’s move into apparel, Nordstrom shares fell 4 percent, to $46.26, while JCPenney dropped 5.2 percent, to $4.59, and Kohl’s was down 4 percent, to $36.03.Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe remains in a testing period, the company said.When Greg Lauren Coach Factory got his hands on shiny Moncler puffer jackets and vests, scissors flashed and feathers flew.The designer and artist reinvented the brand’s nylon performance pieces, disassembling and putting them back together with vintage materials. The unexpected collaboration (dubbed “Collide — Greg Lauren & Moncler”) michael kors bags represents his artisanal take on luxury Alpine activewear.“I love taking the fabric from a piece and using it in a completely different and unexpected way,” the michael kors outlet 47-year-old tastemaker tells Alexa. “Mixing the classic and the elegantly destroyed, the old and the new, the perfect with the imperfect … this excited me.”Fashion scion Lauren (his uncle is the legendary designer Ralph Lauren and his father, Jerry, has been Ralph’s creative director for men’s design for almost 45 years) has always been a fan of textiles with age and personality, integrating them into his own eponymous Michael Kors Outlet men’s and women’s lines.“My favorite approach to my own collection is to begin with something iconic, something classic and known by everyone at first sight, and to deconstruct it and rebuild,” notes the former actor, who appeared in “Boogie Nights” and “The Wedding coach factory Planner” and is married to actress Elizabeth Berkley. “I grew up collecting and wearing vintage clothing, and I’ve always been curious about our universal obsession with it, especially military and work clothing.”Greg Lauren mixes up Moncler looks for a cool new capsule Lauren Coach Outlet Store created 36 styles for men and women in his Moncler capsule, including a black down coat merged with an olive field jacket, and a red hoodie finished with a frayed-jean cuff and trim. The limited-edition collection hits Moncler flagships in New York and Michael Kors Purses Beverly Hills (as well as Moncler’s website and select Barneys stores) early next month. Only 572 garments were produced.The mashup is just the latest in a string of Moncler collabs with experimental designers, including Sacai, Visvim and Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh. Each time, coach factory outlet the objective is to update and innovate the brand’s staples. For his effort, Lauren incorporated well-worn military canvas, distressed denim and antique indigo. “I handpicked each piece which told a story: the most interesting fade, remnant of a scribble, a repair, a grommet.”He michael kors outlet clearance also had a little assistant on the job. “I bring [4-year-old son] Sky to the studio all of the time, and he loves helping make things, especially in the more creative, artistic processes.” The adorable tyke has even been known to edit his Longchamp Bag father’s aesthetic impulses. “Once in a while he’ll say, ‘Daddy, too many patches!’”When makeup artist @paintdatface posted a picture of a white model they had turned into a black woman using makeup, they never expected the firestorm that was about to erupt.@paintdatface coach handbags took to Instagram to upload this image, with a disclaimer that it wasn’t about race.“DISCLAIMER. I want to clearly express the sincere place I am coming from with this transformation. As an artist and visionary, I can become bored of the ‘glam’ and coach outlet done-up looks that we find all over social media, my page included. I struggle to remain challenged, and as a result of that, my posts have become more manufactured than authentic. This is a transformation that I’ve been holding back from releasing for Coach Outlet Stores a while now, solely because of the fear I’ve had of people turning it into a racial scandal against me. THIS IS NOT ABOUT A RACE CHANGE. This is about one woman acknowledging, embracing, and celebrating the beauty of another woman’s culture. I michael kors believe we live in a society nowadays that seeks any reason to stomp around town with a picket stick in their hand, fighting ABOUT something, rather than FOR something (and yes, there is a difference!). I didn’t want this to become another reason Michael Kors to stir up negativity. This is, by far, the proudest I’ve ever been of my work and I’m so fortunate to have created it with @annathorsell, who trusted my vision from the very beginning.”But the post didn’t go down quite as well as Michael Kors Bags they’d hoped and a whole lot of negativity followed. @paintdatface changed their account to private but of course, the photo found a home on Twitter and was shared around for all to see.Most called it out for being blackface and questioned why the Michael Kors Factory Store artist didn’t just use a black woman to celebrate black culture.Some people tried — and failed — to come to @paindatface’s defense, saying it was all in the name of art, but white people commenting about blackface didn’t really go down too well Coach Factory Store either.Whatever you think, it’s probably not a makeup style that’s going to catch on or one that any other makeup artist is going to try anytime soon — if ever again.
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